Frequently asked questions

No, thanks. - what is that?

"No, thanks." is a new browser extension which tries to block, hide or click away some common web annoyances like newsletter pop-ups, chat, feedback and contact boxes, app install toolbars, "allow notifications" pop-ups, survey/opinion pop-ups, website translation toolbars, location request pop-ups, rating boxes, "Protected by" boxes, "back-to-top" buttons and more!

...but I need some of the things this extension blocks!

You can choose what you want to block or keep. Ie, if you like to chat with customer services, you can uncheck it in extension's options. You can also whitelist any domain you want, and the extension will not block anything there.

Which browsers are supported?

Currently Firefox and Chrome. Yandex browser should work too. You can install the Chrome version into Opera or Vivaldi if you already have an extension which enables such installations.

Can I try it before I subscribe?

No, you need to pay for the subscription to be able to use the extension, but don't worry. If you are unhappy with the extension, contact us within first 14 days: we will cancel your subscription and refund your payment.

How to subscribe?

After you install the extension, it will open the subscription page for you. Click the PayPal button to pay for the annual subscription. When the payment has been done, you will get a unique subscription hash and the extension will update itself and become ready to use for 1 year.

PayPal only?

Currently yes.

I reinstalled my browser. How to make the extension work again?

A unique 64-bit hash will be displayed in your browser after subscribing. Save it somewhere. Next time you install the extension, go to extension's options, paste that hash into the appropriate field and save the form. It's going to work.

I use multiple browsers and devices. Do I need to buy a subscription for each of them?

No, feel free to use the same subscription hash in multiple browsers (see the instructions in the previous question). If you need to install it into many many browsers / devices, contact us.

What about privacy? Do you collect any personal data?

This website doesn't collect any data at all. The extension doesn't collect any personal data, but it collects and sends information about its own updates (current extension version and browser name) in order to work properly.

Why don't you block all those social network buttons?

They can already be blocked with an ad blocker if you subscribe to Fanboy's Social Blocking List so there's no need to maintain a similar (and probably less effective) list.

Why don't you block cookie warnings?

Please install popular free browser extensions called I don't care about cookies created by the same author, and most cookie and GDPR related warnings will be gone!